Language Dynamics Philosophy

Language Dynamics Group is committed to developing, validating, and disseminating empirically supported assessment and intervention materials and procedures for use with diverse children. We believe that all children, regardless of cultural and linguistic diversity or disability, have the right to effective instruction. Applying empirically supported programs, tailoring instructional intensity to meet students’ needs, and monitoring student progress are important for making instruction effective for all children. Our philosophy aligns with a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework, in which the intensity and focus of instruction is adjusted to provide powerful intervention to students who do not readily make progress.

The language intervention tools found on this website were designed to be implemented within an MTSS model; however, they are useful for classrooms and schools that do not operate within an MTSS framework. 

For example, teachers can implement these interventions with large or small groups within classrooms and speech-language therapists can use them for targeted intervention in small groups or with individuals.  The PEARL screener and CUBED assessments have a range of utility from determining which children have greater needs, to tracking on-going progress and identifying specific language targets.

Important Information for Users

We encourage, teachers, speech-language pathologists, researchers, and anyone else who may find these tools useful to download the available assessment materials. Many of the assessment tools contained on this website are still in development and examinations of their technical adequacy are ongoing. The current versions reflect several iterations of development and research, but we continue to conduct research and invite others to conduct research to evaluate them. We recommend that CUBED users become familiar with the published research and be mindful that the CUBED is still a work in progress. If necessary, the following references can be used to cite the language tools available.

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