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If you are a user of the original Story Champs® (1.0), then we encourage you to purchase this booster pack that will allow you to teach an additional 12 stories, and target complex language features and advanced story structure, plus lots of extras available on Flash drive.

NOTE: This is NOT a complete kit, and is meant to be a companion to your original Story Champs 1.0 kit (in the purple and green boxes). Printed illustrations are NOT included in the booster pack. Instead, a digital presentation of story illustrations and icons for use on iPads and computers is on the flash drive. If you would like printed illustrations, we suggest you upgrade to the full Story Champs 2.0 kit.


  • Story Book (includes 12 classic stories with Levels A-B, 12 BLITZ stories with levels A-J)
  • Digital Illustrations (An interactive, digital presentation of illustrations and icons for all 24 stories, available on Flash Drive. Present on tablets and laptops for small group or 1 on 1 instruction, or project to a smart board or white board for large group instruction). Click here for a demonstration of Story Champs Digital. Printed Illustrations NOT included in the booster, and are only available with the full purchase of Story Champs 2.0.
  • Story Grammar icons for teaching basic, enhanced, and advanced story structure
  • Passage icons for teaching informational text
  • Dry Erase Champ Checks for Level A/B and C-I/J
  • Story Starter Cards
  • Flash Drive which includes:
    – Master lesson plans
    – Manual
    – Story Champs Digital (interactive presentation for illustrations/icons)
    – Take Home Activities
    – Story Writing Organizers
    – Info Writing Organizers
    – Word Journals
    – Spot the Sparkle Posters
    – and more!


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