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Language Dynamics Group is committed to developing, validating, and disseminating empirically supported assessment and intervention materials and procedures for use with diverse children. We believe that all children, regardless of cultural and linguistic diversity or disability, have the right to effective instruction. Applying empirically supported programs, tailoring instructional intensity to meet students’ needs, and monitoring student progress are important for making instruction effective for all children. Our philosophy aligns with a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework, in which the intensity and focus of instruction is adjusted to provide powerful intervention to students who do not readily make progress.


PEARL Screener

  • Kindergarten screener for decoding and language
  • Accurately predicts future decoding and comprehension difficulty
  • Administer in 5-15 minutes
  • Reduces cultural and linguistic bias


CUBED includes the following Assessments:

  • NLM Listening
  • NLM Reading
  • Dynamic Decoding Measures
  • Use for benchmark and progress monitoring
  • FREE to download (.PDF format)



Story Champs®

  • Teaches story structure and complex language features
  • Develops listening comprehension, cognition, memory and expressive language skills
  • Large group, small group, and individual arrangements