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We currently do not have specific training videos for scoring the PEARL screener. However, below are videos demonstrating how to score the NLM Listening: Kindergarten assessment. The Listening Retell portion of the NLM Listening is very similar to the scoring section in the PEARL Dynamic Language measure. A review of this training will be very helpful when scoring the Dynamic Language measure portion of the PEARL.  It is strongly recommended that the examiner read the PEARL manual thoroughly and use it as a reference to increase administration and scoring accuracy. 

In these videos, the examiner is administering the Narrative Language Measures (NLM) Listening (similar to the PEARL Language Screener). The examiner asks the child to listen to the story and then retell the story. Scoring can be done in real-time, while the child is retelling the story. Usually it is easier to hear children retell their stories in person. The audio recording can pick up ambient noise more than desired. Initially, you may want to audio record students' narratives to review scoring accuracy, or to score at a later time. 


For the following 4 videos, the trainee needs: Kindergarten NLM Listening: Benchmark 1 (FALL)

Instructions: Score this child's responses first by just listening to the video (don't watch it). After you score the child's responses independently, go back and watch the video and compare your scores. We recommend watching it at full screen to see scoring clearly.

Scoring notes for Reading Retell measure: The Student does not need to say everything word-for-word when retelling the story, nor does the child need to say every possible example provided to get points. Refer to the CUBED manual for more details on scoring.