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Story Champs is a multi-tiered language curriculum for preschool and school-age children allowing you to teach basic and advanced story structure, vocabulary, modifiers, causal and temporal connections. For additional details on what is included in the kit, please click here. Story Champs is also available in Bilingual English/Spanish.

What’s Included

  • Story book with 24 stories (12 Classic Stories with levels A/B, 12 BLITZ stories with levels A-J)
  • Printed illustration cards (5″x6″ illustration panels for each of the stories)
  • Dry Erase Champ Checks for Level A/B and Level C-I/J
  • Icons needed to teach basic, enhanced, and advanced story structure
  • Icons needed to teach connection and sparkle words
  • Icons needed to teach informational text
  • Story Starter cards (individual illustration cards to support fictional and personal story generation)
  • Story Games for small group/individual instruction (Bingo Cards, story sticks and story cubes)
  • Access to digital extras:
    – Manual and Master Lesson Plans (over 60 lesson plans)
    – Digital Presentation format for illustrations & Icons
    – Writing Activitites for narrative and informational writing (printable .pdf)
    – Classroom Center Activities (printable .pdf)
    – Take-homes (printable .pdf)
Weight 8.5000 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 8 in
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