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About the PEARL Screener:
The PEARL Screener (Subtests 1 and 2 administered together) assesses critical skills within the decoding and language domains and is designed to be a universal screener for all incoming kindergarten students. Subtests 1 and 2 can also be administered in combination or separately with a wider range of students (e.g., Pre-K through 1st grade) for a variety of purposes. In fact, the PEARL subtests may be useful for any age student depending on individual needs and purpose(s) of assessment. However, this does not mean that the PEARL is appropriate for all students of any age. Users should use clinical judgment about the appropriateness of the subtests for individual students and purposes.

Subtest 1: The Dynamic Assessment of Decoding
This subtest utilizes nonsense words and a phonological analysis (sounding out) strategy to determine how responsive students are to the teaching of decoding skills. The format follows a simple Pretest – Teaching – Posttest sequence and data are collected at each step, including students’ responsiveness to teaching.

Subtest 2: The Dynamic Assessment of Language
This subtest utilizes a Pretest – Teaching – Posttest sequence. The Pretest and Teaching phase use the same story, while the Posttest uses a novel story that is parallel to the first story in terms of story grammar elements and language complexity. Students’ narratives are scored in real-time at each Pretest and Posttest phase and their responsiveness to teaching is recorded immediately after the Teaching phase.

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