Monthly Webinars

Language Dynamics Group offers free 1-hour webinars on research, assessment and intervention topics through out the year in an effort to support educators and share important research gains made in literacy. To be the first to know when the next upcoming webinar is scheduled, follow us on either Facebook or Instagram. Please contact us if there is anything you would like us to cover in future webinars.


2024 Webinars

An Introduction to the Digital CUBED-3 with Dr. Douglas Petersen

Dr. Douglas Petersen walks through the digital CUBED-3 and breaks down the subtests, explains the research behind it and why it is relevant, and walks through some of the effective reporting features in the digital system.

Douglas Petersen, PhD, CCC-SLP

AI and Language Sample Analysis

Dissemination and implementation specialist Alisa Konishi-Therkildsen walks through the current findings and how Language Dynamics Group plans to integrate AI technology for language sample analysis into our products moving forward.

Alisa Konishi-Therkildsen

Story Champs® and the Sciences of Reading and Writing

Dr. Megan Kirby, Director of Dissemination and Implementation Programs, discusses how Story Champs aligns with the sciences of both reading and writing.

Megan S. Kirby, PhD, BCBA

What is Dynamic Assessment?

Dissemination and Implementation Specialist, Kristi Jones, walks through the models of dynamic assessment and how they apply to the present and future of LDG!

Kristi Jones

2023 Webinars

Expanding Your Story Champs® Lessons

Dr. Megan Kirby

What is Story Champs®?

Megan S. Kirby, PhD, BCBA

Using STORY CHAMPS® Lesson Plans

Megan S. Kirby, PhD, BCBA

Narrative Intervention for Adolescents

Megan S. Kirby, PhD, BCBA

2022 Webinars

Story Champs® Small Group Intervention

Megan S. Kirby, PhD, BCBA

Measuring Narrative and Expository Language (NLM and ELM Flowcharts)

Courtney “Cici” Claar, M.A.

Preventing the Summer Slide

Megan Kirby, PhD, BCBA

Poetry and Storytelling

Megan Kirby, PhD, BCBA

PEARL 101: An Introduction to the Screener

Presented by Megan Kirby and Doug Petersen

How to Write Great Goals

Presented by Megan Kirby

2021 Webinars

Looking Back: 2020-2021 LDG Research Summary

Presented by Megan Kirby

Social-Emotional Vocabulary & Story Champs ®

Presented by Megan Kirby

Developing a Love of Literacy

Presented by Megan Kirby

Helping Students Recover Language After COVID-19

Presented by Megan Kirby

Building Strong Oral Language Skills with Story Champs ®

Presented by Dr. Trina Spencer

Story Champs® Webinars

Hitting Targets with Story Champs ® 

Presented by Taylor Magleby

Play by Play Look at Story Champs ® Narrative Intervention

Presented by Taylor Magleby

DESCRIPTION: Tune in as we dig into Story Champs and explore how this fun and engaging intervention can help you promote narrative and academic language. We will give you lots of tips on how you can help your students achieve success in language, writing, vocabulary and more!


Story Champs ®: Help All Students Beat High Stakes Tests!

Presented by Trina Spencer, PhD, BCBA

DESCRIPTION: Get an overview of Story Champs, a multi-tiered academic language curriculum, designed to meet the needs of children with and without disabilities and as young as three years old. Using narrative language as the foundation, Story Champs also builds vocabulary, grammar and syntax, writing, informational discourse, and reading comprehension.


Language Overview Webinars

Introducing Play-by-Play Series, How to Change Your Students’ Trajectories:

Presented by Taylor Magleby

DESCRIPTION: Tune in to this webinar as we discuss how you can predict who is going to have a future reading disorder and how you can potentially prevent the disorder from even manifesting.

Innovation in academic language assessment and intervention: Leave no child behind and mean it:

Presented by Douglas Petersen, PhD, CCC-SLP

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